Better Late than Never

I arrived in London January 11th, and it’s only taken me two months to blog about my experiences across the pond. Nevertheless I am going to blog about the weirdness and greatness that has been this abroad experience thus far– not only to allow family and friends to read about me wreaking havoc across the EU, but also to create digital diary of memories. Fifty years from now I will be reading these posts and laughing at my idiocy from my hologram iPad while riding around in my hovercraft. Cheers to starting this two months in, and cheers to continuing to wreak havoc upon the EU.



Hello Werld

So I’ve been in London (and traveled to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris, Austria, Budapest, Amsterdam) since I hopped the pond the second week of January. Why am I starting to blog now….because hilarious sh*t keeps happening and for mostly selfish reasons I need to document it for my personal enjoyment, and so that I won’t forget how it went down. Since I am starting these posts more than halfway through my semester I will attempt to enlighten myself (and you) with the cool/weird/euro stuff that has occurred since January, and will continue to post about things as they happen. Here’s to wreaking havoc across Europe and reinforcing negative stereotypes about the greatest country on the globe, aka the land of the free and home of Miss Priss.